by Ross Denyer

A One-Hour Sci-Fi Drama Pilot for a potential TV Series

A man has the ability to remove and restructure the memories of others.

Ethan has a rare gift: he’s a memory cleaner. An Empath. Murder, infidelity, trauma, a crucial mistake….he’ll make sure it never happened, for a price. Ethan relieves his clients of their memories by living out new moments as that person, leaving behind a false past. While his clients enjoy their reimagined lives, Ethan endures a growing collection of unwanted realities…including a nightmarish day from his own childhood.

The truth is hard to handle, even for an Empath. The organization that profits from Ethan’s talents keeps him under watch and numbs his pain with a highly-addictive drug. They fear a conscience lurks beneath his professionalism, which emerges when Ethan saves a teenage girl from an attempted rape and cleans her memory. The resulting police investigation, along with a surge in corporate memorytheft, leads to the formation of an Empath Crime Unit led by Detective Sgt. Cornelia Gatt.

Assembling a diverse team of specialists, Gatt recruits Erika Mortensen, a young undercover narcotics agent whose exceptional police-work is marred by capricious brutality. Along with Detectives Wolske, Hathaway, Bashir, and Marlboro, Gatt and Erika begin to connect the dots while, on the other side of the law, Ethan navigates an uncertain relationship with his inscrutable business partner, Rene, their ruthless employer, Morgan, and his own suspect past.


Published by Little Kraken Films